Tenant Relationship Management

Noon Real Estate manages tenant relations before, during, and after unit occupancy in order to ensure high tenant quality, increase tenant satisfaction, and preserve property value. Towards these ends, we offer the following services:

  • Extensive background checks of prospective tenants, including:
    • Interview
    • Employment history
    • Financial standing
    • Reputation with past landlords
  • Providing standardized leasing contracts upon request
  • Inspection and clean-up / maintenance checklist
    • Security deposit collection upon unit occupancy
    • Deductions against security deposit in event of damage / misuse upon unit vacancy
  • Enforce landlord prescribed property rules and regulations
  • Operate a telephone hotline and email address for tenant complaints and inquiries
  • Serve legal notices in the event of tenant misconduct
  • Initiate and supervise eviction from start to finish if necessary